Pustular [adjective]

Definition of Pustular:

decayed, decaying

Synonyms of Pustular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pustular:

Sentence/Example of Pustular:

In what respect does the pustular syphiloderm differ from acne?

What several varieties of the pustular syphiloderm are met with?

For the pustular eruption peculiar to distemper, I apply no remedy.

The pustular surface extends to the minute ramifications of the bronchiæ, and their cells beyond were highly injected.

Same on arms, but no pustular appearance; partly tuberculous, partly vesicular.

The local lesions, be they pustular or ulcerous, heal without cicatrices.

When rubbed on the skin, redness, and a pustular eruption ensue, and in general the bowels are acted on.

These vaccines are composed of several strains of the organisms usually found in these pustular infections of the horse.

The dorsal surfaces of nivocolimae are warty; in verrucipes the skin is pustular.

They are usually vesicular, pustular, or furuncular—that is to say, irritative.