Deaths [noun]

Definition of Deaths:

end of life

Opposite/Antonyms of Deaths:

Sentence/Example of Deaths:

Your sacrifice shall be the agony of agonies, the death of deaths, and yet you'll find yourself unable to resist.

Two or three more infant deaths intervened before the birth of Marcella.

Births, marriages, and deaths were also made liable to duties by the same Act.

But he had gone away, on account of the deaths which had occurred there from some form of dysentery.

For, as to former sojourns, not one has been passed without some deaths, although they were well provided for.

Ive seen a many people die, little babes and great strong men, and I know when deaths a-coming well enough.

Cholera broke out at Lexington, Ky., number of deaths to August 1st, 502.

Consequently, we could not ascribe these deaths to a desire for plunder on the part of some unknown person.

This lymphatic diathesis undoubtedly has considerable to do with the sudden deaths which occur in these patients.

In a word the deaths of adolescents from suicide have more than doubled in the last thirty years.