Debases [verb]

Definition of Debases:

degrade, shame

Synonyms of Debases:

Opposite/Antonyms of Debases:

Sentence/Example of Debases:

This opportunism debases the information ecology by destroying our capacity to trust sources of knowledge or share beliefs about what is true, which in turn destroys our capacity for good decision making.

They’ve turned to quick fixes such as click-bait listicles and dubious news stories — the types of insubstantial, low-quality content that grabs attention on social at the cost of debasing society.

How dreadfully these puttees and haversacks debase even the most beautiful figures.

I cannot understand how human beings can so debase themselves.

Mr. Belcher had not failed to debauch or debase the moral standard of every man over whom he had any direct influence.

To call these men statesmen is to debase the name, but they ruled the State, thanks to my Lady Castlemaine.

How many debase their bodies to hasten the perfection of their minds, and degrade their character to adorn their understanding!

In order to debase Matvey, whose superiority irritates him, Titov asks him to participate in his extortions.

In the dryest, the largest, the best of them there is everything to debase the manhood and nauseate the soul.

His choices free or fetter, elevate or debase, deify or demonize his humanity.