Deeded [verb]

Definition of Deeded:

pass possession to

Synonyms of Deeded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deeded:

Sentence/Example of Deeded:

On January 2, 1821, the property was finally deeded to the consistory.

Soon afterward he purchased a section of land, some of which he has since sold, while a portion thereof he deeded to his wife.

The land was formally deeded by Jackson to the Tammany Society in 1803.

Mary Duggan deeded the property to her husband in January, 1795, a few weeks before her death.

She still retained her dowry and any settlement deeded to her by her husband.

In the Hereafter deeded to us as a sure heritage, we shall see that each was a part of His design for our best and eternal good.

Cowering like a condemned criminal, the dark-deeded villain crept toward a shelter, dragging with him his captives.

The house and grounds were deeded to you, my wife, several years since for your maintenance and that of your children.

He deeded her the house as a wedding-gift, that the happy dancers might remain with us lonely and unforgetting folk.

Then he had gone ahead and deeded it all away to various persons, through one of whom William R. Hubert had secured his title.