Ampler [adjective]

Definition of Ampler:

more than necessary, sufficient

Synonyms of Ampler:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ampler:

Sentence/Example of Ampler:

Partisanship being a helluva drug, there are ample opportunities for both sides to spin this most recent jobs report in whatever direction benefits them most, potentially rendering any historical comparisons irrelevant.

Fires are heavily used because fuels build up so fast due to the ample moisture available for plant growth, says Hood.

In addition, policymakers in the US should work to permanently repeal the policy in light of ample evidence demonstrating its adverse impact.

This book is 396 pages long, which will give you an ample amount of material to gaze at, wonder over, and learn from.

Roughly 30 miles east of Death Valley National Park and 30 miles west of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, this 18-foot tepee at Water Rock Ranch is surrounded by ample hiking and climbing.

As with any folding device, Lenovo has put ample attention on the hinge itself.

If a week has passed, leave ample signals in your camp that establish your identity and which direction you are headed.

Rocket says it has ample access to private funding and therefore does not need the public side of the equation, but the story isn’t so straight and narrow, per my colleague Jeremy Kahn.

An ample supply of a covid vaccine could become a coin of geopolitical power, as oil and nuclear weapons are now.

The amount of outdoor space each school has varies greatly, but most Southern California schools have ample space, she said.