Computer [noun]

Definition of Computer:

calculating, data processing machine

Synonyms of Computer:

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Sentence/Example of Computer:

After studying computer models of natural water flow — both saltwater and fresh — they begin a massive restoration project.

The device, in turn, can convert the handwritten text into more standard computer fonts.

A form of quantum teleportation will take place inside through the strange quantum mechanical properties of “superposition” and “entanglement” that make quantum computers hum—even if this device won’t zap my own body’s molecules to another planet.

These missions have delivered life-saving drugs, sparked the computer and internet revolutions, and put humans on the moon.

Younger kids may be making a big jump from mobile devices to traditional laptops or desktop computers, too, which might make them feel a bit lost.

I had also helped create an enormous computer simulation to analyze how global demographics might shift, and now I was working on a data-mapping project about migration here in the United States.

The company makes a specialized kind of computer chip known as graphic processing units, GPUs.

So far, the researchers have only implemented their approach on power electronics devices, which are responsible for controlling and converting electricity and are quite different from the data-processing circuits found in computers.

In ransomware schemes, hackers lock victims’ files or computers and demand payment—usually in cryptocurrency—to unlock them.

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