Assisted [verb]

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The three riders who were most concerned about keeping up rented e-bikes, which have small, battery-powered motors to provide an assist on hills.

Released amid the nation’s racial reckoning, the book immediately rocketed up bestseller lists with an assist from Oprah, who called it her most important book club pick ever.

The company has poured in details aimed at fleet customers, features like a standard driver assist with road edge detection, a drowsiness driver alert and pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking.

In 2019, she had zero goals and zero assists in five matches after the World Cup, likely due to a combination of injury, fatigue and reacclimating herself to the league nearly 12 months after her last NWSL game.

Fourteen increased or decreased their rebounding by less than one per game, and 15 did the same in assists.

Including the playoffs, The Brow made a career-high 95 3-pointers, with 43 of them coming via the regular-season assist leader.

Amazon debuts its first fully electric delivery vehicle, created in partnership with Rivian — The van’s unique features include sensor-based highway driving and traffic assist features.

Rondo led the 2018 playoffs in assists per game with the Pelicans, including a 17-assist game.

The Ring Car Connect system, which also costs $200, integrates with the various cameras and sensors like back-up assist cameras in newer cars to convert them into security cameras that link to the Ring smartphone app, among other features.

She’s second only to former Oregon teammate Ruthy Hebard in rebound percentage among rookies, and is north of 15 percent in assist percentage as well.