Sat [verb]

Definition of Sat:

rest on one's behind

Synonyms of Sat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sat:

Sentence/Example of Sat:

At the breakfast-table, comfortably near the hearth, sat Horace Milbrey.

There sat his nephew in the old place, apparently not having stirred.

He sat down in a chair, and stretched out his legs, with an air of being at home.

He sat down, rather discontented, and resumed the current of his reflections.

He sat down again, and it flooded back upon him with new force.

She sat a long time silent, motionless, her eyes fixed ahead.

He descended the slope, and sat down in the shade of a broad-leaved tree.

When he had eaten, he sat with his coffee for a final smoke of deliberation.

When you thought of Kate, you remembered precisely how she sat, how she stood, and how she walked.

He had sat in the background, but he had found both money and energy.