Destroys [verb]

Definition of Destroys:

demolish, devastate

Synonyms of Destroys:

Opposite/Antonyms of Destroys:

Sentence/Example of Destroys:

The heat of the water destroys the insect and instantly removes the pain of the bite.

He had, moreover, the adroitness to extirpate that rivalry which alone destroys all united effort.

I believe that nothing destroys tobacco so much as moistening it.

It immediately destroys all sorts of moss, makes a tender herbage spring up, and eradicates a number of weeds.

It produces yellowish crusts about the hairs of the scalp and other parts of the body, and it destroys the hair.

I say, that unluckily there exists in France a law they call the Salic law, which destroys all our pretensions.

To live it out, resisting the power that destroys so long as might be—that was the divine secret.

Its protest was, therefore, against that convention which destroys the plebiscite of Southern Italy.

The beast does not mean a literal wild beast, but the spiritual wild beast who destroys the children of God.

We felt ourselves crushed and beaten by an indiscriminating machine which destroys happiness in the service of jealousy.