Drifters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Drifters:

Im going to begin right now, too; Ill show Mother that I am not a gilt-edge drifter.

On the night in question our drifter patrol in the Straits of Otranto was attacked by a force of Austrian light cruisers.

He was half owner of a fine drifter and skipper as well, to say nothing of having designed the boat.

The buildings, evidently, belonged to the Double A ranch, and the country was all the Drifter had claimed for it.

She was then told off with another drifter to anchor in the vicinity of the Shipwash to work the hydrophones during the night.

The crew were rapidly picked up by the boat from the other drifter, none the worse for their adventure.

A 'check' on the distant sea-line (that we had taken for the peak of a drifter's mizen) draws his eye.

The pungent smell of burning calcium floated over the sea and the drifter's engines began to throb heavily.

There was a scramble for oilskins on Drifter 42 as the rain came hissing down like a flood released.

I left him gazing seaward over the stern of his drifter, and walked up to the Western Cliffs.