Desperadoes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Desperadoes:

The desperado might be lying in wait for them, and it would be well for them to proceed slowly and carefully.

And his daughter—can she identify this young desperado the moment she sees him?

He can move upon an armed desperado and quell him and take him a prisoner without saying a single word.

The Commissioner happened to be in Calgary and asked the Superintendent himself to see about the capture of this desperado.

Another desperado, lunging his spear through the after-port of the brig, mortally wounded the master.

He was practically a desperado, who made his living by hunting, and was not liked even by those who professed to be his friends.

The whole room looked toward the desperado as if expecting him to do something.

He was later shot by desperado Joe Fowler, with a double-barrel shot gun, as he lay in bed asleep.

Yet to desert a comrade in that fashion was abhorrent even to the slack conscience of this desperado.

A reformed desperado told my that he supposed he had killed men enough to stock a graveyard.