Demoralizes [verb]

Definition of Demoralizes:

depress, unnerve

Synonyms of Demoralizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demoralizes:

Sentence/Example of Demoralizes:

The first restricts drug use, possession, sale, and distribution to the purposes of science or medicine, while the second sees collaboration to intercept and demoralize drug traffickers.

Which means that they are still good enough to demoralize the competition in some of the more low-profile races around the globe.

She warned that taking away school police would demoralize Alexandria staff.

I don’t know what is right now, the principles of democracy have been so denigrated and demoralized around the world.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea has said that his officers are feeling constrained by a new bill passed by the City Council that makes it a crime to put their knee into someone’s back and are feeling demoralized by a general lack of public support.

This was the beginning of the fatal practice destined in the end to enervate France and demoralize the army.

Not a brigade from Lee had reached the city, and the disaster was calculated to demoralize the Rebel soldiers.

The worst of it was that his behavior, as I could see, had already begun to demoralize the objects of his misplaced politeness.

Let us guard the children and put down every influence that would tend to demoralize either our boys or girls!

Let us put down with an indignant rebuke every attempt to demoralize our action or destroy its effect.