Does [verb]

Definition of Does:

carry out

Opposite/Antonyms of Does:

Sentence/Example of Does:

And all the fal-lals and di-does they larn em in high school now doesnt amount to a row of pins in practical life.

D-d-does it m-m-make any difference w-w-h-i-ch side you get on?

Does youth, does beauty, read the line?Does sympathetic fears their breasts alarm?Speak, dead Maria!

"Put him down now, Mrs. Molly, and come and say other how-do-you-does," he called softly.

But Donahue, bein' a quite man, niver minded that, but let her go on with her do-se-does an' bought her a bicycle.

Ipui-moṭe' ipa'-maimiate ninyupakem hirra'a-môṭ(e), I-shall-not-die-arrow-from-above fall-on-me it-does-not-pain.

I repeat, that if the Deity exist, he does-not wish us to know of his existence.

And since Seville out-does Spain in most customs, here are still other additions.

The list of his vicegerents and commanders, Out-does your Csars, or your Alexanders.

Surely the obvious inference is that, if he does-really exist, he desires to conceal himself from the inhabitants of our world.