Exclusionary [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Exclusionary:

His brilliant contributions to science—such as the famous exclusion principle that would eventually earn him a Nobel Prize—had cemented his reputation as a genius.

Perhaps they suffer from greed, or resentment over exclusion from the highest rungs of government, or disappointment from their lack of a broader intellectual influence.

In 2018, the USITC imposed a 25-year exclusion order based on a default judgment against Organik Kimya, a chemicals firm that destroyed evidence after being accused of trade secrets theft by Dow Chemical.

Pride in hatred, mingled with faith in exclusion and capitalism.

Two other scientists, Feng Zhang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and George Church of Harvard University, are also often credited as early co-discoverers and developers of CRISPR technology, and their exclusion will fuel arguments.

When the Financial Health Network breaks down the data by demographic, it becomes clear how disproportionately this exclusion impacts certain groups.

In an effort to counteract the steady stream of potentially-fraudulent content or misinformation, Dentsu has shifted from an exclusion to an inclusion approach.