Dichotomous [adjective]

Definition of Dichotomous:

having two of something

Synonyms of Dichotomous:

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Sentence/Example of Dichotomous:

In these there is a thallus which starts from a central point and continually divides in a forked or dichotomous manner.

These dichotomous processes are nothing more than branches developed from the arcuate, or mother cells.

The caudal fin, with its dichotomous rays, is essentially like the tail of a lamprey.

Fruit an obscurely 3-lobed, 3-celled, 3-seeded pod in dichotomous clusters, both axillary and terminal.

Thallus radiate or dichotomous, the epidermis usually porose.

Thallus dichotomous, copiously reticulate and porose, with a narrow costa; gemm none.

The area covered by the dichotomous organisations is divided almost equally between matrilineal and patrilineal tribes.

Finally some of the tribes have not even the dichotomous arrangement of totems but distribute them in both phratries.

The colonies are usually richly branched upon the dichotomous plan and the entire colony is contractile.

The simple proximal part of each arm is three times as long and twice as broad as each branch of the dichotomous distal part.