Disgraces [noun]

Definition of Disgraces:

state of shame; bad reputation

Opposite/Antonyms of Disgraces:

Sentence/Example of Disgraces:

The Marshals were inclined to attribute their disgrace to the ill-will of Berthier and not to the temper of Napoleon.

I nursed him through several attacks of delirium tremens, and was always in fear that he would get out and disgrace us.

Hitherto we have honoured his drafts, and kept your name and his free from disgrace.

"You spoke of disgrace," she observed gently, swaying her fan before her by its silken cord.

But glorious as was his success, his impetuosity soon brought him into further disgrace.

Thus Ney returned to France in disgrace with his comrades, and hated by his enemies owing to the licence he allowed his soldiers.

To save your wretched soul from disgrace, I swore to the most miserable lie a woman could tell!

Wolsey had been more than usually fortunate in his disgrace, for he was ill, and died from natural causes.

Both Lawrence and Dan bitterly felt the disgrace of reporting back to Lexington under arrest.

In retirement and disgrace at Monaco, he saw with dismay the armies of the Allies surging up to the French frontier.