Linear [adjective]

Definition of Linear:

confined, restricted

Synonyms of Linear:

Opposite/Antonyms of Linear:

Sentence/Example of Linear:

Compared to old-school linear cable, streaming TV can be amazingly convenient—except when it comes to deciding which service to sign up for.

Note that the use of the cube root implies that polls do not become more accurate at a linear rate, but rather that there is a sharp increase in accuracy toward the end of an election.

Whether it be linear or streaming, you’re beholden to your agency to deliver reporting to you, and that reporting comes two weeks post-campaign.

Amazon and Roku are fashioning themselves as playing a role similar to linear TV distributors like Comcast and Charter that serve as the gatekeepers between media companies and their audiences.

Though real magnets are three-dimensional, Ising simplified the situation to a linear chain of arrows, each capable of sensing its two nearest neighbors.

Other matrices perform different kinds of linear transformations, such as reflections, rotations and shears.

The third area of math that’s extremely widely used is what I would call the heart of algebra, which is linear equations.

The child now aims at constructing a particular linear representation, that of a man, a horse, or what not.

Curious differences appear in respect of the completeness of this linear noting or enumerating of features.

This habit of scribble may persist after a child attempts a linear description of the parts of an object.