Retching [noun]

Definition of Retching:

sickness in stomach; revulsion

Synonyms of Retching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Retching:

Sentence/Example of Retching:

Retching, he had dirtied the glossy green scales of his chest.

Her voice was almost unrecognizable, broken in retching agony.

I leaned against the railing of stone, sick as a dog and retching.

The most common methods of finishing are retching and burnishing.

He dropped Jason and fell to the floor, retching and gasping.

He collapsed, retching, and only after the first spasms had passed was he able to crawl to the grotto.

Its use will also prevent that dreadful straining and retching which makes emetics so much dreaded by the nervous and delicate.

Fighting back a retching, Ann muttered, "Paul, when can we get out of here?"

He was crying and retching, a pitiable and horrible sight to look upon.

"Very ill with retching and divers pains," continued Thomas.