Subsidiaries [noun]

Definition of Subsidiaries:

secondary occupation

Synonyms of Subsidiaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsidiaries:

Sentence/Example of Subsidiaries:

"Not subsidiaries, please," Olcott admonished in a friendly tone.

The Corporation and subsidiaries are opposed to the closed shop.

If so, we would ask you to explain: Do the subsidiaries assist the entity or not?

Perhaps you will say: The entity produces its effect, together with its subsidiaries.

The Corporation and subsidiaries are opposed to the "closed shop."

We naturally look for something reminding the world of his interest in these subsidiaries of his kingdom.

We shall now have to add to the seed another supplementation by subsidiaries themselves requiring an additament.

So they had sold a small portion in one corner to a steel foundry—one of the subsidiaries of a great corporation.

These considerations ought, 'tis true, to be applied to our belief but as subsidiaries only, for they are human obligations.

Though I must admit that I'm more used to dealing with various engineers who work for your subsidiaries.