Panoramic [adjective]

Definition of Panoramic:


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Sentence/Example of Panoramic:

Two sights there are in this panoramic world which greatly madden me, and they are twins.

I try in vain to conjure up a panoramic view of the neighborhood.

Helen could not banish from her mind this panoramic quality of the battle.

They are like panoramic scenes that unfold in the theater of the universe.

They are going to give a panoramic explanation of the Oriental question.

Again, ascending to the northernmost peak of the rocky ridge, what can exceed the beauty of the panoramic view?

Panoramic sights for these guns were furnished by the Frankford Arsenal.

Hungerford Hall and its panoramic pictures were burnt in 1854.

Pictures of the past hurried by with panoramic distinctness; and hark!

There is but one defect in this panoramic method of presenting ideas.