Diagrammatic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Diagrammatic:

He should, however, state his observations, and as far as possible draw the results in his note-book in a diagrammatic form.

Automobilists should work this itinerary out on some diagrammatic road map.

The general features of the circulation are clearly portrayed in the somewhat diagrammatic figures on Pl.

A partly diagrammatic representation of the kidney and Wolffian body of the male is given on Pl.

Fig. 176 shows a diagrammatic way the scheme of a system of accumulator machinery.

The most simple mechanism for a gasoline vehicle employing spur gearing exclusively is shown in diagrammatic form in Fig.3.

Considering one mechanism only, recourse may be had to a diagrammatic representation of the action (Fig.5).

A diagrammatic representation of the observer's table with its connections is shown in fig. 17.

Diagrammatic representation of ontogenetic change in color pattern in Cnemidophorus sacki zweifeli: A—hatchling, 34 mm.

Diagrammatic longitudinal sections of an animal, intermediate between Batrachians and Selachians, in its early stages.