Dips [noun]

Definition of Dips:

submersion in liquid

Synonyms of Dips:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dips:

Sentence/Example of Dips:

Like many of us who just want to go for a dip on a hot afternoon, he created the idea when looking to cool off on a hot summer day.

The dip follows thirteen quarters of positive but low growth rates.

The dip in his usage rate has also tracked with James’ scoring and effective field-goal percentage.

The S&P 500, a benchmark that tracks 500 large US-listed stocks, is back to its January levels after a big dip around the time that Covid-19 first hit the US.

At each cycle the deposited CNTs are fixed in place, and the next dip has the same rapid deposition rate as a freshly-soaked wafer.

Thank you for nothing, Reginald; however, I shall certainly take a dip in the lucky-bag at the Castle.

I'll take a dip myself, just to be companionable, and tomorrow morning we can get back to any size you like.

Night, high on her spangled throne, watches the sun dip down behind the Libyan sands.

The dip of the south end of the needle at Goulburn Island was 27 degrees 32 1/2 minutes.

In eating bread with meat, never dip it into the gravy on your plate, and then bite the end off.