Drunkenly [adverb]

Definition of Drunkenly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Drunkenly:


Sentence/Example of Drunkenly:

Most involve drunken driving, assault or public intoxication.

They sit in judgment on cases involving petty thefts, drunken driving, domestic violence, assaults and disorderly conduct.

There is no why, just a plan to run from the border of Afghanistan to the border of China after a drunken bet.

The man who hit her was an Alaska state representative, Zach Fansler, who soon resigned from office because of the drunken encounter.

Patrolman Clifton Gauthier of Rockaway Township was charged for trying to get a drunken driving ticket dismissed for a relative.

As Profitt told the Press and ProPublica, he responded to a call at a liquor store and found a drunken man screaming incoherently.

Even as Lamb stared at the carnage, a third figure appeared, wobbling drunkenly from an inner office.

A moment Briggs stood drunkenly peering, half minded to pursue, to match his belaying-pin against the mates dirk.

He struggled to his feet, forgot his wrath on the instant, and began to sing drunkenly the words of a ribald air.

"I'll see them safe first," saying which he swayed drunkenly about and, but for Bill's support, would have fallen.