Forested [adjective]

Definition of Forested:

covered with woods or trees

Synonyms of Forested:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forested:


Sentence/Example of Forested:

Only a comparatively few of the many claims entered were ever successfully forested, or ever became real timber land.

Nor did these early settlers ever find a way out of this forested wilderness except by clearings made with the ax.

On the other hand, a severe rainstorm in a forested region will hardly have an appreciable effect upon the streams.

For imagine a cañon with forested sides and carpeted in green from the stream in its bed to the highest bounding ridge!

The iguana, as this lizard is called locally, seems to be uncommon in the forested areas of southern El Petn.

The cabin appeared to be part way up one side of a heavily forested, rather narrow valley.

Then when we came to a forested ridge bare of grass and smelling of sheep, that robbed the forest of a little more glamour.

Anyway I soon found myself lost in a maze of forested heads of ravines.

At sunset we found ourselves at the summit of a long slowly ascending hill, deeply forested.

Becoming snowbound they took refuge in a springy opening at the bottom of a forested slope.