Conjuration [noun]

Definition of Conjuration:

spell, magic

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Sentence/Example of Conjuration:

In the middle ages conjuration was regularly practised in Europe, and devils were supposed to appear under decided forms.

The conjuration being thrice repeated, we are assured the spirit would rise and answer the exorcist's questions.

In our own country, incantation and conjuration, as already observed, were by no means uncommon.

This song is repeated again and again without change of motif—it is a conjuration in the form of a song.

Bergier, Dictionnaire de théologie, under the word Conjuration.

His luck had turned, but with the Conjuration dAmbroise it returned, and it lasted all winter.

He then went to prepare himself for the great magical conjuration, by which he hoped to destroy the palefaces, his enemies.

Over such persons forms of conjuration were pronounced, and this act was called exorcism.

He had flung it wide to his pupil, but it could not be closed again, as Enistor did not know the necessary conjuration.

There was also a long conjuration with a virgin child by which one could learn whatever was desired.