Customized [adjective]

Definition of Customized:

built or made to order

Synonyms of Customized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Customized:


Sentence/Example of Customized:

Building on that, a new Insights page in the Google Ads UI will bring in data from Rising Retail Categories as well as Google Trends data that is customized to the account.

Group members can also choose to customize their profile photo for each group they participate in.

Each earbud has a control button onboard, which you can customize in the UE app.

There’s also an adjustable night light—perfect for babies—and auto-off timer settings so you can customize when the sounds end.

So the factories that are able to do this, to really produce very customized products, very efficiently, they have to look much different.

Widgetsmith, for example, has been topping the App Store charts as users began to customize their home screens.

By branding and customizing your 404 pages, one can actually boost their website revenues and increase their conversions.

The in-house marketing team will typically customize the content so that it is native to the particular channel or platform it will post on.

While Nvidia sells ready-made processors, Arm simply creates chip designs and then licenses them to other companies who can then customize them to their particular hardware needs.

An estimated 40% of US workers are doing their jobs from home these days—and many are missing the customized desk setups, easy IT support, and water-cooler chats of the IRL office.