Depopulating [verb]

Definition of Depopulating:

kill, often in great numbers

Synonyms of Depopulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depopulating:

Sentence/Example of Depopulating:

For the benefit of trade and religion, Los Rios thinks it advisable to depopulate Macao and suppress it.

A landlord who was determined to depopulate could hardly in the long run be prevented from succeeding in his object.

To compel the Bishops to reside within their dioceses would depopulate the Court of Rome, and make it very much poorer.

The principle of entailing landed estates tends to impoverish the people, drive them to emigration, and so depopulate the country.

To confine man absolutely either to animal or vegetable food would be to depopulate a large part of the earth.

The attempt to depopulate Ireland has been tried over and over again, and has failed signally.

There may even be plagues of unprecedented ferocity that will depopulate great areas before the wit of man can overcome them.

But such advice, if practically complied with, would soon depopulate the globe.

Sherman almost immediately decided to depopulate the town and make of it a rigidly military stronghold.

Kæso being sent thither with an army, passes into the very territory of the Æqui to depopulate it.