Devotees [noun]

Definition of Devotees:

ardent supporter; fan

Synonyms of Devotees:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devotees:

Sentence/Example of Devotees:

I think of you continuously—it is what devotees call habitual thought, such as one should have of God, if one did one's duty.

The impractical view of life which art seemed to demand of its devotees was enough to arouse suspicion, if not her actual dislike.

The devotees and common people are, in the hands of their guides, only automatons which they move at their fancy.

Some parts of this celestial system were always denied by devotees who admitted other parts.

The society of these devotees is calculated solely to render their lives mutually more unsupportable.

It not only renders its unhappy devotees useless to society, but burthensome to themselves.

Her enchantment is the more powerful on her devotees since she appears to them only in the garb of their own weaving.

It was not uncommon for Jewish devotees to lash themselves, but the number of stripes did not at any time exceed thirty-nine.

A parish registrar must be a very important functionary in the estimation of these High Church devotees.

At short intervals temples stand; ghats or steps that lead downward to the sacred stream are crowded with devotees.