Enthusiasts [noun]

Definition of Enthusiasts:

person active in interest

Synonyms of Enthusiasts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enthusiasts:

Sentence/Example of Enthusiasts:

I would venture, therefore, to warn enthusiasts in co-operation against entertaining false hopes.

We were enthusiasts in our love for ornithology; we found new inspiration in the democracy of our common interests.

The doctrine of free marriage propounded by American enthusiasts was a remanet from the ethical system of Mr. Edward Kelly.

As with Carstens, so with the Nazarenes, we are warned by the idealistic 129 tendency which inspired the young enthusiasts.

But the two enthusiasts had a sudden check when they informed their mother.

In all ages and in all religions there have been such enthusiasts.

The three signing their names are probably what we called bellman and beemen, collector, and heads of the swarm-enthusiasts.

But that this attitude was that of the English people as a whole was incredible to the French enthusiasts.

Then, being dissatisfied, he went to the unrecognized teachers, the enthusiasts and the "cranks" of a hundred schools.

Thus prepared, these enthusiasts sallied out in pursuit of the blood of their fellow-creatures.