Fanatics [noun]

Definition of Fanatics:

person overenthusiastic about an interest

Synonyms of Fanatics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fanatics:

Sentence/Example of Fanatics:

Am I wrong in connecting this sort of imagination with that which one witnesses in fanatics of religious faith?

The accused malignants, on the other hand, complained bitterly of the impertinence of meddling fanatics and hypocrites.

Then followed another column, reviling the cowardly fools, as they were termed, whom captivity had converted into fanatics.

They are either fanatics, or scoundrels, or ambitious men, whose word we can not rely upon.

What an answer to the platitudes of fanatics who have the audacity to assert that philosophy is but the fruit of libertinage!

And one of these fanatics was the turtle-egg seller, with special hopes in mind which for the present cannot be divulged.

On the other hand, the most violent opposition had been manifested throughout the North to these so-called "fanatics."

That was before the rattle heads and fanatics had poisoned the well of good fellowship and made men fear and hate one another.

Efforts will be made no doubt to use the new voter for the purposes of cliques and fanatics.

I determined to make the fanatics bow before me in the dust and kiss the Territorial laws, and I have done it!