Hallowing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Hallowing:

On All-hallow eve Mrs. S. and myself visited a large cemetery.

The worst of our education is that Christianity does not recognise and hallow Sex.

This love Meadows thought and hoped would hallow the unlawful means by which he must crown it.

An alloy is a mixture or medley, anything allowed is according to law, and hallow is the same word as holy.

Sacrifice and Self-Devotion hallow earth and fill the skies.

Careful restoration has perpetuated many of the old associations which hallow the ancient fane, sacred to loyalty and to liberty.

What is Christmas without the sentiments which hallow the evergreen, the anthem, the mistletoe, the family reunion?

He perceived that the love of this angelic girl would elevate him and hallow his whole life if he would let it.

The following Tuesday was Hallow E'en and where is your school-girl who does not revel in its privileges?

Still we must have poetry to hallow this and other forms of energy: or say, if you like, the right view of them impels to poetry.