Wounds [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wounds:

Yet he knew that he was not fatally injured if he could stop that mortal drain of his wounds.

Such care will be death to one's own cares, such help balm to one's own wounds.

He did not reflect that just because he was not his, he did not feel the wounds that disabled from action.

Brasidas had long since recovered from the wounds received at Pylos.

About sundown the doctor came back and dressed their wounds.

I did not even tell her that I owed the worst and most lasting of my wounds to Philip.

It is--but the mention of her name is a caustic to the wounds of her heart.

I have no call for that: and that has no balm for the wounds of my mind.

Dick was so strong and his blood was so pure that he felt his wounds but little now.

The regiment after salving its wounds resumed its watchful march.