Demonstrators [noun]

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These protests have been unusual in that they have drawn demonstrators of all ages to the streets.

Thousands of demonstrators had gathered in Chicago, where violent confrontations with police and the National Guard ensued.

After Navalny’s arrest pushed thousands of people to protest in more than 100 cities across Russia on Saturday, demonstrators waved toilet brushes in the air.

Meanwhile, in a chilly rain on Monday afternoon, the circle around the Lee statue was empty of the usual clusters of demonstrators.

She explained that she didn’t want to take her team into an environment where the National Guard was deployed and thousands of demonstrators were coming into the area, staying at hotels and eating at restaurants.

Thousands of demonstrators that day came to Washington for a “Stop the Steal” rally and other protests.

Goodman had been guarding the entrance before demonstrators broke open a door moments earlier on the west side of the Capitol.

In addition to the focus on public safety threats from armed demonstrators, city officials are also pouring resources into preventing the spread of the coronavirus during a week with the potential for mass gatherings downtown.

Three people among the demonstrators died during what police have described as “medical emergencies.”

The fact that right-wing demonstrators were more likely to be armed may also have led the USCP to take a less militant approach to reduce the risk of deadly violence.