Dirtiest [adjective]

Definition of Dirtiest:

soiled, unclean

Synonyms of Dirtiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dirtiest:

Sentence/Example of Dirtiest:

They both chew and smoke, and they are certainly the dirtiest chewers in the world.

The poorest, dirtiest peasant-woman, who came in his way, he would order up into his carriage beside himself.

The sewage of the dirtiest city in China—which is saying about all that can be said on the subject—is emptied into this river.

Yes, they were right over the river, the dirtiest and most villainous river in the world.

White and I, being the most dangerous cargo, were given the safest—and certainly the dirtiest—hiding-place of all.

The dirtiest work of the household is her duty, and she must not eat with the married women and the children.

The assertion has been made by some writer—I really know not who—that New York is one of the dirtiest places in the world.

They're the dirtiest lot you ever set eyes on, and looked as though they hadn't eaten for months.

Rio used to be, without exception, the dirtiest city in the world.

In all my experience along the dirtiest ways of this dirty little world, I have never met with such a thing as a trifle yet.