Disposing [verb]

Definition of Disposing:

place, order; deal with

Synonyms of Disposing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disposing:

Sentence/Example of Disposing:

But its use as such is to dispose of any such idea as that there is a natural price of coal or of anything else.

My object was to dispose of a cargo of cotton which I had brought from Realejo, and to purchase sugar in return.

Truce now, Gregory; and consider how we can best dispose ourselves here, till the morning.

During this journey I was an eye-witness of the manner in which the missionaries dispose of their religious tracts.

His creature has no right to ask the reason of His conduct; He can dispose at will of the works of His hands.

On the other hand, you can prepare to dispose of the serial rights of the Schooner Farallone: a most grim and gloomy tale.

It is often as much an advantage to a debater to dispose of objections as it is to establish his own case.

To start with, it was necessary to generously oil the palms of the royal councilors in order to dispose them in our favor.

Public slaves were allowed as one of their greatest privileges to dispose of one-half of their property by will.

Having two cows and a small family, I managed to dispose of my surplus milk and cream to a farmer who ran a milk route.