Divides [verb]

Definition of Divides:

separate, disconnect

Synonyms of Divides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Divides:

Sentence/Example of Divides:

Some school districts quickly mobilized to bridge that digital divide.

My point here is, over the period of the pandemic, a digital divide has been created between the haves and the have nots.

One of the most important divides in Minnesota politics is between the diverse, cosmopolitan Twin Cities metro area and “Greater Minnesota,” whose residents often feel short-changed relative to the metro.

I firmly believe that some of the comments that he makes aren’t helpful in bridging the divide.

It actually ignores what we already know, which is that the pandemic exposed all of these digital divides in education.

When it comes to Portland, specifically, the partisan divide is definitely real.

Two usual culprits — politicians and the media — emerged as possible factors in the divide.

Both organizations were interesting because in many ways, they demonstrated the generational divide at the time, which is in some ways still reflective today.

Such extreme saunalike worlds could bridge the divide between rocky and gaseous planet types, researchers report in the June 15 Astrophysical Journal Letters.

I mean, Republicans and Democrats, she certainly united, she’s bridged the partisan divide in that respect.