Unravelling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unravelling:

Perhaps I might have served in unravelling this unhappy tangle of misunderstandings.

The unravelling of the trails in the swamp was an easy task for their keen noses.

"I will cut it, which will be easier than unravelling it," Raoul replied.

Who has not heard of you, and your skill in the unravelling of crime?

Let those who like it, lend their labour to the unravelling the secrets of the mythologies.

He hurried to Brown's hotel in the hope of unravelling the mystery.

Unravelling these illusions, and exorcising them, kept Pete Noël occupied.

A priest is not at all necessary for unravelling the book of fate.

He would have been glad of a little leisure and quiet for unravelling some of the knots.

I do not seem to get any nearer to the unravelling of this knot, Mr Capel.