Dithers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dithers:

The planks at his feet had started to dither again, and practice told him that the vessel must be moving.

The universe goes into a cosmic dither when we slide into a berth in Hampton Rhodus.

Imagine anyone trying to get the Old Man into a dither—and getting away with it.

And the more perfectly made the engine, the less will the amount of this "dither" be.

I went all o' a dither, while I hardly knew if I were standin' on my heels or my heead.

The voice broke and the colonel, who habitually roared forth his sentiments, began to dither.

Without the stimulus of nature before him it was difficult to preserve the "dither" in the drawing, and the life has escaped.

There must be enough play between the vital parts to allow of some movement; "dither" is, I believe, the Scotch word for it.

About seventy-five per cent of the golfers who follow the usual tuition are "all of a dither."

Every new batch of fluff-balls drove him to a dither of vicarious maternity.