Decides [verb]

Definition of Decides:

make a determination; settle an issue

Opposite/Antonyms of Decides:

Sentence/Example of Decides:

The referee who presides at the first meeting makes up or decides on its membership.

Heredity decides how a man shall be bred; environment regulates what he shall learn.

I'm going to remove myself from this buckboard before one of those horses decides to sit in my lap.

Man, you will say, decides every moment on actions which he knows will endanger him; man kills himself sometimes, then he is free.

This event, as you will easily understand, decides in a great measure the rest of my life.

The duke has been studying the position from this terrace and decides that Blois is not a propitious spot for his secret schemes.

On the surface of this world material force plays but a secondary part in nature; delicacy of sensation decides everything.

It decides what may with propriety be admitted to the essay, and it determines in part what must be left out.

Good use, which is the 223 use of acknowledged masters, decides what may be done.

In other words, man can create life, he can make the world and himself into that which his reason decides it ought to be.