Chooses [verb]

Definition of Chooses:

pick, select

Synonyms of Chooses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chooses:

Sentence/Example of Chooses:

You can choose to read this article, feel bad for a moment and then move on to your next email and start your day.

For example, if the AI needed a sword, it could choose to steal one or convince another character to hand one over.

Shopping for shoes online can lead to high return rates once buyers actually get to slip on their chosen pair, since shoe sizing isn’t standardized across different brands.

With schools literally closed and students falling further and further behind each day, Superintendent Cindy Marten chose an interesting word to describe the state of San Diego Unified School District Tuesday night.

It’s best to check with your chosen property before confirming a reservation.

According to Smith, most older people are extremely active, and for those who choose to move into a seniors center, the opportunity for socializing is a big reason why.

On a platform like DSMN8, employees might choose from a pre-approved feed of possible posts set by their project managers.

We shouldn’t have to choose between surgeries that patients need and caring for patients who get covid because they’re not wearing their mask, or, God forbid, someone who was around someone who wasn’t.

Journalists have the great power — and responsibility — to choose whose voices we represent and how.

It makes them choose between having to raise a kid or to go to work.