Specifies [verb]

Definition of Specifies:

designate; decide definitely

Opposite/Antonyms of Specifies:

Sentence/Example of Specifies:

It specifies the very terms and limits of the authority thus conferred.

When we hear the knocks as he specifies we must open the door and let him in.

It then specifies some of the things, and it then says that the things specified are not all that may be included.

Dion Cassius speaks of a census, but he specifies no number.

That, however, specifies no superiority in the methods of the monarchy.

It specifies the locality of the struggle; it marks out the battle-field.

It specifies to be for “the reformation of busy meddlers in matters of religion.”

Then, addressing the new chief, he specifies, “You have a bad habit of so and so.”

It must be in that sense that Baedeker specifies those 3500 inhabitants.

This map also specifies the advance of the English in nine columns.