Wheedles [verb]

Definition of Wheedles:

talk into

Synonyms of Wheedles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wheedles:

Sentence/Example of Wheedles:

Why, do all we can as good citizens to assist Mrs. Wheedles and the law.

Mrs. Wheedles sits uncomfortably on extreme edge of the other easy-chair.

What does—what's the poor woman's name—Mrs. Wheedles —think about it now?

Believe me, Mrs. Wheedles, it was the kindest thing he could do for you.

Where the South cannot effect her object by browbeating, she wheedles.

She was of the type that wheedles, but never permits itself to be wheedled.

He often thought of Jimsy and Wheedles, and of his mother and of Topsy.

Jimsy and Wheedles were already on their second carrot when he opened his eyes.

Wheedles tried the same trick, but it didn't work the second time.

At odd moments she wheedles me into feeling fond of her in spite of myself.