Costumes [noun]

Definition of Costumes:

set of clothes

Synonyms of Costumes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Costumes:


Sentence/Example of Costumes:

The costumes were exceedingly grotesque and suggestive of the New rather than of the Old World.

The girls were dressed in such boating costumes as gave them the very freest movement, and they both used the paddle skillfully.

The fancy costumes and the funny masks the girls and boys wore certainly were “fetching.”

But the principal characters would furnish their own costumes, and that is where Lily Pendleton began to lose her dissatisfaction.

But the merveilleuse costumes of the Sleek girls were better suited for looking on than for taking part in the actual performance.

The yellow box in which Lil carried her costumes was a splotch of color against the white fur robes.

The princes and nobles sit in these howdahs to the number of two or four, and are very gorgeously attired in Oriental costumes.

Additional atmosphere is created by the colorful, colonial costumes worn by the guides themselves.

Whatever scheme is selected for the scenery, the costumes and make-up should be consistent with it.

You like to divide yourselves into nations, to trick yourselves out in national costumes, and to exterminate each other to music!