Attestations [noun]

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It was a fact, needing no attestation, that the mass of mankind had always lived in a state of slavery.

The attestation of this payment of the tax-payer is signed by the postal employé and bears the stamp of his post office.

In the day they are received upon the attestation of a public officer.

The narrative is followed by an attestation of its truth signed by him and two others of Lovewell's band.

Soames read the investment and attestation clauses, and, ceasing, looked at Gradman.

The penalties attached to a "false answer on attestation" were heavy, as he knew, and he would take no chances.

The author's welcome when he appeared upon the platform was of itself a striking attestation of his popularity.

The attestation was the usual one signed by the witnesses, showing that the full requirements of the statute were observed.

At the end of one of the sheets was the signature, and following was the usual attestation clause, signed by three witnesses.

The whole requirements of the statute are generally embodied in an attestation clause which is signed at the end by witnesses.