Delights [noun]

Definition of Delights:

enjoyment, happiness

Synonyms of Delights:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delights:

Sentence/Example of Delights:

For God's sake write and persuade him to go to Davos at once—and picture the delights of a pretty and devoted nurse.

It is best known from its connection with the immortal dreamer, John Bunyan, whose memory it now delights to honor.

The women knit her a pair of stockings or a shawl, and the Queen delights them by accepting their presents.

A Scotch pastor was trying to give a farmer of his parish an idea of the delights which await us in Paradise.

Not only are the delights of this country mine for the asking, but my name is an Open Sesame in every land.

He saw pictures of exquisite delights, of earthly paradises, of joys that made life an ecstasy.

No, he could not bear to become poor again, and he would not give up the delights he had dreamt of.

The disease of pessimism springs never from real troubles, which it braces men to bear, which it delights men to bear well.

You need waste no eloquence upon the delights of science,—acknowledge that art also has its charms.

He delights in the sound of musical instruments, and moves in exact time to the sound of the trumpet and tabor.