Inputted [verb]

Definition of Inputted:

transfer data from one computer system to another

Synonyms of Inputted:

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Sentence/Example of Inputted:

It takes a little practice to get a feel for how much response results from input into that steering knob.

The plane also now compares input from two external sensors rather than one.

It’s not about local input in decision-making on public lands, either.

The result of a violent input of energy, shock waves are marked by an abrupt increase in temperature, density and pressure.

The current Council members, Fairman said, are best equipped to make decisions on the franchise fee because they’ve heard all the public input while learning about it for over a year.

These executives can also input the use case they’re looking to solve and Clearfind will deliver a detailed report on which SaaS products have the features to solve for it.

So if sensitive offline identifiers are used as input, an encoded identifier is immediately put through a multi-step hashing process to move it to a meaningless string on the server side, meaning it’s not fully visible to any participants.

For example, aircraft certification processes follow a logic-based approach in which every possible input and output receives attention and analysis.

“There were certainly campaigns where the company wanted to have much more input than they should have been allowed, and we probably should have passed the sponsorship on to Courageous or not taken it all,” said a former employee.