Mapped [adjective]

Definition of Mapped:

given in summary

Synonyms of Mapped:

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Sentence/Example of Mapped:

One would have said that destinies had been mapped with a strange disregard for justice.

But I got it in spite of him, and mapped out a programme as I drank.

But the life of the departed was not mapped out in Greece as it was in Egypt.

I couldn't get the key to it then, but I've mapped it out now.

In the one aspect he looked intent, as though in his mind he mapped a course.

He seemed to have it all mapped out in a kind of time-table inside him.

Then with cold lucidity, he mapped out his plan of campaign.

He covered his desk with magnets, and mapped out their lines of force by compass.

He chafes at the idea that Fate had got it all mapped out for him.

And I had mapped out what I would say to induce him to go on.