Traversed [verb]

Definition of Traversed:

cross over; travel

Synonyms of Traversed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Traversed:

Sentence/Example of Traversed:

As far as any one knew, the country he had just traversed was unexplored.

In this manner they traversed the plain, through the flying, the wounded and the dead.

They traversed the cloisters again, and tried the door of the schoolroom.

It was to the rear, somewhere in the snow expanse they had just traversed.

But she was like one who traversed a desert under the sea—a vast submerged Sahara.

Content with this, he traversed the rest of Phocis without meddling or making.

He had not traversed that road for twenty years, but his memory had not tricked him.

We ascended mountains, we traversed valleys; at sunset we entered villages.

On the other side of this bridge there is a gallery which we traversed.

He stopped at the door of his office while I traversed the littered anteroom.