Jester [noun]

Definition of Jester:

person who jokes, plays jokes

Synonyms of Jester:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jester:


Sentence/Example of Jester:

It is a fools privilege to laugh at an intelligent man; he is in society what a jester is at court—of no consequence whatever.

Belle was to be godmother and had to be got down; which was impossible, as the jester Euclid says.

The object had something of the form of a jester's bauble with points, which hung flabby and undulating.

Until quite lately his Beatitude maintained a court jester also—one Shlimun (Solomon), who died a few years ago.

Well have I said that Dick was as saucy as a lady's page or a king's jester.

But he must be a jester of the right sort; not bitter nor flippant, not over boisterous nor too "intellectual."

Louis, alone maintaining perfect composure, continued his conversation alternately with the grand carver and with the jester.

One saw the jester, who for forty years had been making the world laugh, performing always before a background of tragedy.

The jester rose, and going to the cradle took in his own the little baby hand curled like a crumpled rose-leaf.

Moreover, she bade me say that since the jester, Le Glorieux, is so devoted to your Highness she has given him to you.