Darkens [verb]

Definition of Darkens:

become shaded, unlit

Synonyms of Darkens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Darkens:

Sentence/Example of Darkens:

In time this slightly darkens the colour of the leather, but it keeps it from cracking.

The beard increases; the hair becomes crisper; and the complexion darkens.

The shade of gravity which so usually darkens his poetry, is often heightened to the most solemn seriousness.

Between Rickie and Gerald there lay a shadow that darkens life more often than we suppose.

There seems to be a shuddering in the branches—the light fades upon yonder sunny woodlands—the foreground darkens apace.

But always to look back on the mass of outer events that have made my tangible life darkens my day.

Then the sky darkens, the Flying Dutchman comes in, and the storm music rages once more.

I feel, I know thou art innocent of this monstrous crime; some horrid delusion darkens that poor boy's sight.

But the day darkens, and reminds me that I have wandered long enough in these City closes.

Heavy liq., odor and taste similar to chloroform; darkens on exposure.